About Us


ZNYAC is an independantly-run organisation that was founded in 2014. We operate under the authority of the Government of Zimbabwe, without belonging to or being affiliated with any individual political party. We are driven by strong ethical principles of justice and equal opportunities for all citizens of Zimbabwe.

We are a network of youths devoted to promoting good governance, accountability and good leadership across all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy. Our emphasis is on united and joint effort in fighting corruption through educating people about corruption and its various forms. We educate people about on governance, development and human rights and empower the youth generation to become active agents in challenging corruption. We empower the youths by providing them with education and training.

Our mission is to enforce the initiative by the Government of Zimbabwe to join the global fight against corruption. We are a youth-led movement established under the laws of Zimbabwe to mobilize young people to join the fight against corruption.

Our organization was founded on and is guided by the ethical belief that, no individual is immune to prosecution in Zimbabwe where corruption is involved. This is regardless of any social position or rank, or professional office held.

We promote active youth involvement and intervention in governance initiatives and anti-corruption strategies in the country. We also empower the youth with knowledge and skills that enable them to play a meaningful role in designing, implementing and evaluating good governance, development and poverty alleviation policies and initiatives.

At ZNYAC, we believe the following:

  1. Introducing and emphasizing a common culture among Zimbabweans by calling on them to act responsibly, exercise virtue and be at the fore-front in the attempts to eradicate bad governance and corruption in Zimbabwe
  2. Providing and furthering governance, political and social education of young people in the spirit of democracy human rights and phralism
  3. Engaging youth in designing governance and anti-corruption prevention strategies on national and regional and international levels through constructive dialogue and partnership
  4. Empowering anti-corruption minded young people to play an active part in social democracy and elections both as candidates and voters
  5. Promoting a young leadership that is transparent, accountable and exhibits the highest integrity so as to be useful in fulfilling Zimbabwe developments initiatives and strategies