What We Do

As a youth organization that works alongside statutory agencies like the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) and ZACC to action the mandate of the Zimbabwean government on fighting corruption, ZNYAC provides the following services:

    • Investigating reports of corruption in the Zimbabwean society
    • Working with the police force (ZRP) to bring corruption cases to court
    • Providing education and training to members of the public about corruption and ways of eradicating it
    • Stimulating and empowering the youths to challenge and fight corruption in Zimbabwe

Whistleblower platform for reporting corruption

Anonymity & Confidentiality Guaranteed

We provide a platform that anyone in the world can use for reporting whoever else that may be known to or suspected of engaging in corruption or other actions that are aligned with corruption within the borders of Zimbabwe.

When you use this platform, no other person can ever know who you are. You are given the choise to hide your name and other identifying details when you make your report to us.

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Education & Training

We introduce and emphasise on a common culture among Zimbabwean youths and adults by calling on them to act responsibly and virtuously. We also take a leading role in the national effort to eradicate bad governance and corruption in Zimbabwe.

ZNYAC educates people about the following areas regarding corruption, with emphasis on united and inclusive efforts in fighting corruption:

  1. What is corruption
  2. Causes of corruption
  3. Effects of corruption and strategies to combat corruption
  4. How to promote good governance, accountability and good leadership

We offer basic training on how to report, investigate, proper documentation of corrupt activities. ZNYAC mobilises youth groups around anti-corruption advocacy, awareness and sensitisation with the help of innovative approaches through which to inspire and engage them in the long-term program to tackle corruption.

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