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Investigating Cases of Corruption in Zimbabwe

  • We work with the public by facilitating for cases of corruption in the society of Zimbabwe, to be reported in real-time and investigated, up to the stage where perpetrators can be prosecuted and brought to justice.
  • We teach young people about corruption and its adverse effects on the economy and the future of Zimbabwe as a nation. We teach the public about ways of challenging and eradicating corruption in Zimbabwe.
  • We use tripple layer protection systems to encrypt our communications with users who may wish to blow the whistle on corruption. This way, it is 100% impossible for offenders to track down and know the identity of people who report corruption about them to us.
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Equal opportunities for zimbabwean citizens

Fighting Injustice, Nepotism, Bribery, & All Forms of Corruption

The citizens of Zimbabwe have a right to equal opportunities in all areas of life, be it employment, education, housing, travel and business. The country has experienced a massive decline in morals and ethical standards across the society, with law enforcement officials, education industry professionals, business officials, and council and government officials engaging rampantly in corruptive activities that include soliciting bribes and exercising nepotism.

ZNYAC was set up, under the licensure of the office of the President of Zimbabwe and the Government of Zimbabwe, to investigate and process cases of corruption in Zimbabwe, up to bringing cases to the Zimbabwean courts for trial. 

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